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Modern Buddhism in Puerto Rico
We present you millenarian Buddhist teachings about compassion and wisdom that communicates your essence in an easy way. understand and put into practice for a modern world, with simplicity, depth, designed for people with any lifestyle.

We will find the lasting happiness we seek so much and transform our interior into an ocean of wisdom and peace through the classes, retreats and courses we offer.

Modern Buddhism is an inexhaustible source of inspiration and offers us solutions, from the Buddhist perspective, to the problems that come our way in life. It also encourages us as practitioners of any belief to deepen the understanding and practice of the spiritual path. [/ Vc_column_text]

About Our Classes

For more information call 516-784-7973.

We hear about all the benefits of meditation and maybe we want to learn to meditate; or to know a little more about Buddhism; but we do not know where to go, or how to start.

 The Kadampa Meditation Center of Puerto Rico is the ideal place to learn and start your meditation practice; or deepen and grow in your existing practice. The center was established to provide the residents of this beautiful island with the opportunity to learn, practice and deepen the teachings of the Buddha.

We offer classes and study groups. Both are designed as a series, as independent, so you can attend at any time, even if the series has already begun.

Attending a class or study group is a simple and enjoyable experience, focused on how to apply the teachings daily in our lives.